Diana Crawshaw, 1970’s fashion designer. No relation.

Who is this lovely woman featured in the Daily Express in 1971? It’s fashion designer Diana Crawshaw, who created some iconic outfits for the pop art boutique Mr Freedom on the Kings Road.

She created a range of beautiful suits based on baseball uniforms, I think you’ll agree they are fantastic, made in velvet with contrast trim and laces. This style of baseball shirt introduced in 1870, but was out of favour by 1910.

It’s been a while since I updated this blog (I ran out of interesting Crawshaws for a while), so I’m really pleased to return in such style. I’m proud to be linked, but not related, to Diana and all the other creative Crawshaws on this blog.

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5 Responses to Diana Crawshaw, 1970’s fashion designer. No relation.

  1. diana crawshaw says:

    Thank you for the pictures of me in William Hickey and also of my baseball suit,which are some I have never seen before.The outfit is in the V+A,I’m told,but not creditted to me,sadly,but to someone else.I am still in the Kings Road,Chelsea,working and am involved in a book about the 60’s and 70’s days here.

    • It’s great to hear from you Diana, as you were on of my most exciting Crawshaw finds! When I can I try and get in touch with people before adding them to the blog, but in your case couldn’t find a way to do so. Please let me know when the book you are working on is published, and share any other updates as you wish.
      Best wishes

      • diana crawshaw says:

        Dear Gill, sorry to repeat myself! Thought I hadn’t replied to first one (Phone!!) There’s Tommy Robert’s book,Mr Freedom, with my clothes on front cover and some inside. Now,I am writing about life in the fifties in Ilkley! So much to do and life gets more interesting all the time.

  2. diana crawshaw says:

    Thank you for finding these photos of my clothes.I am still working in the King’s Road!

    • Dear Diana,

      You’ll be pleased to know I have recently met with Paul Gorman and I am updating the V&A’s catalogue to accurately reflect you as the designer of these pieces!

      Kristian Volsing, Assistant Curator, Textiles and Fashion

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